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While the leak and mold problems appear to have been resolved in her bedroom, Shine said a newer leak has persisted in her living room for months without a visit from NYCHA to repair it.

She is one of hundreds of city housing residents who have lodged complaints, or tickets as they’re known, with NYCHA’s management. Many have struggled over the years to have the Housing Authority address the problem — so much so that in 2013 the city submitted to a consent decree giving a federal judge oversight of the authority’s widespread mold woes.

But NYCHA has continued to falter. Last week, an analysis of mold complaints found that, as of July, the agency has failed to resolve 29,914 leak, mold and mildew tickets. Of those, 17,050 — 57 % of them — remained open for more than 100 days. More than 10,000 stayed open for 200 days or more.

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