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Representing individuals and businesses


The St. Paul Law Firm prides itself on providing individualized quality care to any and all clients seeking legal representation, regardless of status or situation. We focus on creating a transparent, effective, and collaborative partnership with clients to ensure satisfaction not only with their results but also with the processes involved.


The St. Paul Law Firm team understands the importance of a successful consultation. That’s why it is imperative that we conduct a consultation that lays out the legal implications of any and all cases in a transparent manner. Additionally, it is important to create an environment where clients can comfortably ask questions and have them clarified.


Years of invaluable experience and holding several esteemed positions in different law firms and counsels have created a strong sense of dedication in the leadership at The St. Paul Law Firm. Public service is a large driving force behind the work that Mr. St. Paul takes on, so he recognizes and acknowledges that such work takes true grit and passion in order to receive the desired results.

Client Devotion

Unlike other law firms, the team at The St. Paul Law Firm is dedicated to not only the case but mainly the clients themselves. The team is confident and happy to tackle all cases, despite how challenging they may be. This is because the team at The St. Paul Law Firm is full of compassionate, hardworking people that remain true to the ethics of law.


Experience. Results. Personal Touch.

Representing individuals and businesses

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Civil Rights

If you believe that you have been falsely arrested or subjected to police harassment, contact us immediately so that we can begin to protect your rights and ensure a positive outcome.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt due to someone else’s fault or negligence, you may be entitled to a monetary award.

Business Law

Starting a business? We handle C-corporation formation, S-corporation formation, Limited liability company (LLC) formation, Not-For-Profit formation, Operating agreements and Contracts.

Employment Law

Whether you are an employer who worked hard to build your business or an employee who committed your skills and efforts toward a secure future for you and your family, we can help you obtain a resolution.

Government Affairs

We serve as an advisor and advocate to help clients compete successfully in sectors affected by governments.

Family Law

We cover all of your legal matters including, Divorce/Matrimonial Law, Child Custody and Visitation Schedules, Modification of Child Support and Prenuptial Agreements.

TV Appearances
July 10, 2023

Border Patrol Agent Accused of Killing Girlfriend and Son

TV Appearances
June 27, 2023

Teen Accused Of Burning Dad With Lye

June 12, 2023

Former Florida State Football Star Charged in Double Shooting

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What People are Saying

At a time when my back was against the wall and my reputation was at stake, other firms weren't jumping at the opportunity to represent me against one of the largest and most successful firms in the legal world, but Richard St. Paul, was there for me. I had been wrongfully terminated and after having a meeting with him, he laid out a plan and we stuck to it. His pragmatic and yet zealous approach to my case made all the difference to the success of it. I'm forever grateful to Mr. St. Paul and The St. Paul Law Firm.


I can't thank Mr. St. Paul enough for helping me with my legal issues in Criminal Court. Because of Mr. St. Paul, I only paid a fine and did not jeopardize my immigration status or go to jail.


inMark Media has worked with Richard St. Paul for the past year. We have used Richard and his firm for advice and guidance on all of our contracts. We are a start up company and wanted to make sure we were always protected. I can not remember a time where our best interests were not served. One of Richard’s greatest qualities is that he is always available regardless of time or day. Through honest and direct communication, Richard is very thorough. We have an understanding and comfort that all matters are handled effectively and efficiently. Richard has integrity and cares for his clients. I also appreciate the way he handles each situation in the most professional manner. I expect to use his services for years to come.

Marco VitoloinMark Media
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